Program Structure

The program comprises of six terms. Each term is of three months' duration. All the courses are of 3 credits each unless otherwise stated. After the completion of the third term, students are required to undergo a “Summer Internship” for about ten weeks which is equivalent to 6 credits. Furthermore, they have to complete two major projects during the second and third terms of their course work.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management: Curriculum Outline

Term I

S.No. Courses
1 Micro Economics
2 Financial and Management Accounting
3 Spreadsheet Applications in Business
4 Introductory Statistics and Applications
5 Marketing Management I
6 Organizational Behaviour I
7 Mathematics for Management (MATH) (P)
8 Oral Communication

Term II

S.No. Courses
1 Macro Economics & Business Environment
2 Financial Management
3 Statistical Inference and Applications
4 Production and Operations Management
5 Marketing Management II
6 Organizational Behaviour II
7 Legal Aspects of Business & CSR
8 Management Information System
9 Written Communication

Term III

S.No. Courses
1 Business Research Methodology
2 Human Resource Management
3 Strategic Management
4 Introduction to Operations Research
5 Foreign Language (Qualifying)
6 Soft Skills Workshop
7 Human Values and Business Ethics - Workshop
8 Designing Thinking and Innovation
9 Rural Immersion ( Fieldwork) (5 days)
10 SIP ( Summer Internship Programme)

Term IV

S.No. Courses
1 Critical Analysis of Organization-(CAO) – Workshop
2 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
3 Managing Lean and Green Operations
4 Strategic Human Resource Management
5 Sales & Distribution Management
6 Project Management
7 Strategic Marketing Management
8 Consumer Behavior
9 Corporate Finance
10 Risk Management in Bank
11 Operations Strategy
12 Employee Relations & Employment Laws
13 Working Capital Management and Bank Finance
14 Performance & Compensation Management

Term V

S.No. Courses
1 International Management
2 Product and Brand Management
3 Rural Marketing
4 Services Marketing
5 International Finance
6 Financial Derivatives Management
7 Financial Econometrics
87 Total Quality Management
9 Strategic Supply Chain Management
10 Global Operations Management
11 Organization Development
12 Competency Mapping and Talent Management
13 Leadership & Corporate Coaching

Term VI

S.No. Courses
1 Dissertation
2 Grand VIVA